King’s K.A.R.E.s

Last weekend, international King’s students and faculty—sporting face masks and gloves—boarded a flight from Dubai to Amman, where they began their government-mandated 14-day quarantine at a hotel in the city. Since government regulations stipulate that international arrivals must not leave their hotel rooms, the Office of Student Life (OSL), wellness counselors and student proctors at King’s have found creative ways to connect with and support the quarantining students and faculty.

The wellness counselors initiated K.A.R.E.—King’s Academy Resiliency Efforts—a support program for King’s students who are returning to school under the unusual and often difficult circumstances arising from the global COVID-19 pandemic. The program includes a detailed schedule for each day of the quarantine, giving students structure during their days alone and allowing them to meet virtually with their peers, teachers and advisors.

Upon their arrival to the hotel, each student was given a K.A.R.E. package containing materials for the various virtual activities planned over the two-week period. Activities this week have included virtual campus tours, one-on-one meetings with dorm parents and advisors, an origami challenge and yoga and Zumba classes.


While most of the K.A.R.E. program takes place through a computer or phone screen, members of the OSL and wellness counselors surprised students with a hotel visit—from a safe distance. Holding large signs with hearts and notes of encouragement, they waved from the street at the hotel room windows, from where students returned the greeting.

The quarantine will continue until August 22, when international students and faculty will be moved to campus. They will have one further week of quarantining on campus within small groups, or cohorts. At the end of the week, proctors will move onto campus, followed by the remaining boarding students.

More details on arriving to campus and the full Orientation schedule can be found here.

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