King’s faculty member named AGS Geography Teacher Fellow

The American Geographical Society (AGS) has named Dr. Ethan Morton-Jerome, a King’s Academy faculty member in the Department of History and Social Studies, as a 2018 AGS Geography Teacher Fellow. Morton-Jerome was one of 50 teachers to be selected from across the United States to participate in the initiative, now in its third year.

The AGS is a 21st century learning society dedicated to the advancement of geographic thinking, knowledge, and understanding across business, government, academe, social sectors, and most importantly, with teachers and students.

As part of the recognition, Morton-Jerome — who joined King’s Academy in 2017 and teaches Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography — will attend and participate in the AGS Fall 2018 Symposium “Powering Our Future Planet” at Columbia University in New York City in November. The Symposium provides Teacher Fellows with the opportunity to gain valuable cutting-edge content knowledge and awareness of the real-world geographic workplace skills demanded by today’s geospatial companies.

“We are very pleased to be able to invite Ethan, who is one of the top geography teachers in the country, to join us in New York City in November,” said Dr. John Konarski, CEO of the American Geographical Society. “AGS Geography Teacher Fellows are an integral part of the AGS community, leading and educating future generations in geography and geospatial science.”