King’s celebrates eighth graders at step-up iftar

On May 13, King’s Academy eighth graders, their parents and teachers celebrated the class leaving Middle School to “step up” as ninth graders in the Upper School next year. The celebration began in the Abdul Majeed Shoman Auditorium with presentations by each of the 52 students, including recitations of English and Arabic poetry and musical performances. After taking group pictures to capture the special occasion, which Dean of the Middle School Reem Abu Rahmeh described as an acknowledgement of “the closure of a stage and the beginning of your Upper School journey,” the group moved outside to enjoy a delicious iftar in the courtyard outside the Gallery.

Abu Rahmeh had three pieces of advice for the rising ninth graders.

“Walk with purpose: set your stride and realize that you are not restricted by what you know – there is a lot of world to explore,” she said. “There will be times when it can get tough, and you may think it’s ok to give up. That’s when you remember to dig deeper. It is in these little moments of digging deeper that you will find your true voice.”

“And finally, as you walk with purpose and dig deeper, make sure you do that while cherishing one another,” Abu Rahmeh reminded the class. “Use your voice to stand up for issues that you care about, to empathize with others, and advocate for truth and justice. You are one community and one family. Remember this every day.”

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