King’s Arabic Advanced Level students score among world’s top 10

King’s Academy students who sat for the 2019 Arabic Advanced Level (IAL, AL) external examinations have achieved some of the highest results globally, with six students ranking among the top 10 in the world. 

Ranking in the top 10 are Layan Al Kasaji '21 (1st), Omar Al Khawaldeh '20 (1st), Ahmad Yaseen '20 (7th), Ahmad AlAmoush '21 (9th), Zeid Mustafa '21 (9th), and Marriam Al Gashami '19 (1st, GCE).

In the Arabic International Advanced Level exams, a total of 31 King’s students achieved A* results and 16 achieved A. In the Arabic Advanced Level exams, a total of 19 students achieved A* and 16 achieved A.

Congratulations to all students!

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