Investigation and discovery during Middle School Spring Minimester

The Middle School spring minimester took place last week, during which students participated in a variety of fun, educational and interactive activities. Seventh graders explored what it would take to “move to Mars” and build a lunar colony, while 8th graders chose to learn how to practice surgical techniques, explore the scientific and investigative skills needed to solve crimes, or learn how to print in 3D. During the Minimester Showcase on Thursday, students presented to parents and teachers the culmination of a week’s work on their projects.

Middle School Spring Minimester

Minimesters encompass projects and activities from all the disciplines taught to the students including humanities, science and math. According to Dean of the Middle School Reem Abu Rahmeh: “Minimesters allow students the opportunity to put into practice what they are learning into real life situations. Minimesters encourage students to pursue areas of interest, they practice choice, they practice autonomy and demonstrate agency over their own learning. The best part is they direct their own learning and they are so proud of it!”

Some of the activities involved in the 7th grade activity included learning what it would take to grow their own food on Mars, how to establish a community on an uninhabited planet, create a new culture and create a scaled map. As for the 8th graders, some students learned how 3D printers and laser cutters work, how to scan humans, and built their own 3D models. Other students learned about open heart surgery, how the brain works, about blood typing, DNA isolation and the nervous system, and practiced dissections and suturing techniques. A third group of students learned about forensics, ballistics, finger printing and powder analysis, hair, fiber and handwriting analyses among other skills needed to investigate crime scenes, and had the opportunity to see real forensics in action during a field trip to a crime laboratory.

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