Impressive university acceptances for Class of 2022

Colleges and universities around the world have witnessed another upsurge in applications this year, according to various university sources all sharing similar data. Application pools are continuing to grow in size and break record numbers.

More students (both international and domestic) are applying, and students are submitting more applications. Additionally, test-optional policies and the deferment of matriculations are the main factors in the increasingly competitive world of college admissions.

In one statement from a top tier university, it noted that it received “50,002 applications for undergraduate admissions this year, up about 1% over last year’s pool, which saw the largest year-to-year increase in the school’s history.”

“Despite the skyrocketing number of applicants and the increased competitiveness of the college application scene, King’s Academy seniors received some terrific news from a number of top-ranking institutions world-wide,” said King’s Academy’s Dean of University Counseling Hala Salah.  

The Class of 2022 has received acceptances from almost 230 universities, over 60 of which are ranked in the top 100 in the world, and more specifically the top 100 in the United States.

Acceptances rolled in from Stanford University, McGill University, King's College London, Yale University, Columbia University, NYU Abu Dhabi, University of British Columbia, Tufts University, all of the University of California campuses, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Queen Mary University of London, University of Toronto, Boston University, Brown University and Georgia Institute of Technology, among many others.

The Class of 2022 received more good news. The total scholarships earned by King’s seniors to date add up to over USD $2 million per year, with 25 scholarship offers totaling a generous 50% or more of the total cost of attendance.

In addition, the school’s University Counseling Office is happy to announce that five students will be able to matriculate at universities in the United States under fully funded awards they have received. The recipient of the King’s Scholars University Scholarship will be attending Cornell University, and the recipient of the Crown Prince University Scholarship will be attending Columbia University. New York University Abu Dhabi and Brigham Young University each provided institutional awards, and a privately sponsored institutional award is enabling one of our students to attend The George Washington University.

Salah said how pleased she and the university counselors are with the seniors’ results, which is a testament to their hard work.  

Aside from the fantastic results received so far, Salah noted that what the UCO is focused on is helping students find their “right fit” university.

“When choosing a university, we want our students to base their selection on those that best fit their needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses, and not because they are listed as the best in the rankings,” she said.

As the Class of 2022 gear up for Commencement in a few short weeks, King’s Academy congratulates them on their impressive university acceptance results and wishes them every success when they embark on the next exciting stage of their life.

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