Impassioned performances delight at Winter Play Festival

It was an evening of impassioned and introspective performances at the King’s Academy Winter Play Festival that took place for two nights on March 8 and 9, 2022 in the Abdul Majeed Shoman Auditorium. The quartet of plays were adapted and directed by seniors and a junior enrolled in the school’s theater program and represented a culmination of years of passion and dedication to perfecting their craft, and the determination to overcome every obstacle (read: pandemic) in their path.  

The Philadelphia, by David Ives, was adapted and directed by Ghalia Zureikat ’22 and Maryan Bakir ’22. Far Away, by Caryl Churchill, was directed by Emma Haddock ’22. God of Carnage, by Yasmina Reza, was adapted and directed by Faris Kassisieh ’23 and Wedad AlRousan ’22. Stage Parents, by Don Zolidis, was directed by Langqing Xie ’22 and Wade’a Tadros ’22.

The Winter Play Festival, curated and produced by faculty members Meghna Gandhi, Pieter Jonker and Samuel Hennessy and the Department of Art, Design and Technology, in addition to a tireless student-led backstage technical crew, delighted the audience with performances by students who, in only a few short weeks, were able to take to the stage and bring to life the four plays with performances that were at turns poignant, philosophical, boisterous, obnoxious and hilarious.

Student Directors:
Ghalia Zureikat ’22, Maryan Bakir ’22, Emma Haddock ’22, Faris Kassisieh ’23, Wedad AlRousan ’22, Langqing Xie ’22, Wade’a Tadros ’22

Student Cast:
Saif Qutishat ’22. Rand Tadros ’24, Mais Mehyar ’22, Nowar Shamout ’25, Saja Aggad ’24, Yousef Bajsair ’22, Abdulhameed AbuZaid ’22, Tuleen Nasser ’22, Faris Kassisieh ’23, Tara Ali ’24, Nadine Kurdi ’22, Tala Al-Husseini ’25, Layan Dawani ’25, Suleiman AlKhayyat ’25, Abdullah AlAoun ’25

Student Crew:
Sama Al-Issa ’23, Malak Allawama ’23, Wadha Aljasem ’25, Fatima Iqbal ’25, Tala Hajjiri ’25, Mohammad Wahdan ’25, Aoun AlAoun ’23, Sadeel Alhazim ’23, Noor Shahinbanawi ’23, Aya Abdallat ’22, Hanna Kobs ’22

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