GOA names two King’s faculty Learning Design Coaches

Global Online Academy (GOA) has awarded two King’s Academy faculty members the title of Learning Design Coach (LDC). Lina Samawi and Matthew Westman are part of the inaugural 13-member cohort that will be responsible for implementing GOA’s new program of master educators and professional learning leaders.

According to GOA, the new Learning Design Coaches were selected because “they have demonstrated a commitment to excellent teaching and learning in the classroom, school, and the professional learning community.” GOA noted that LDCs are experts in designing, building and leading modern learning experiences for students and faculty at their schools and in the wider education community.

Matthew Westman formerly taught French at King’s and currently serves as the school’s US-based liaison officer in addition to teaching Arabic for the past two years with GOA.

“I love teaching with GOA and getting to work with students from all over the world who are interested in the Arabic language and the Middle East,” said Westman. “As a Learning Design Coach, I'm excited to learn more about the great work that other teachers are doing and support them. I think we've come up with interesting solutions to some challenges in our Arabic course and I am excited to share those with the greater language teaching and online learning community.”

“As a language teacher, it is exciting to continue to reflect on and improve the design of our course to better help students acquire some Arabic in a way that allows them to have real-world experiences using the language,” Westman added. 

Lina Samawi, who teaches Arabic as a foreign language in addition to being a class dean and director of Arabic Year at King’s, said that the LDC program can have a direct impact on students’ learning experiences.  

“The LDC cohort will be working purposefully and mindfully to enhance the learning experience of students, whether directly through working with their teachers, or indirectly through designing new projects and initiatives,” said Samawi, who taught Arabic for three years with GOA. “I am looking forward to collaborating with fellow teachers on designing courses, and connecting our students with their peers around the world, as well as starting initiatives and projects that promote modern learning experiences.”