Community engagement event sheds light on community in crisis

Tara AbuGhazaleh ’22, in coordination with the Round Square Office, organized a virtual community engagement event for students to learn more about people living with intellectual disabilities. Talking to employees and members of the Sana for Special Needs organization, students and faculty learned about the aims of the organization and spoke directly with individuals with intellectual disabilities about their lives, interests, and challenges they face, particularly during the pandemic.

“We were able to establish fun and interactive conversations, fostering laughter and positivity,” says AbuGhazaleh about the event that she was motivated to organize after speaking to her classmates and teacher Hani Olayyan on the subject of persons with disabilities while studying the life of Egyptian author Taha Hussein, who was blind, during their Introduction to Arabic Literary Genres class. During the class, she realized there was a lot of interest from her peers in learning more about the subject.

“This simple interaction was able to establish inclusion and spread awareness about society’s misconceptions. The discussions ranged from life during the pandemic to favorite football players and songs. This event reminded us to not forget to contact people in crisis as they have never been in more need of love and support.”

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