Class of 2021 celebrates senior year with special dinner

The last week of October heralded a busy long weekend for King’s Academy’s on-campus community, starting with an event to commemorate Prophet Mohammad’s birthday in Refectory Square. The Class of 2021 took advantage of the long weekend to enjoy spending time together as a class, in person for the first time since March, with a number of student-organized events including the Eco-Friendly Fair and a special dinner for seniors. The University Counseling Office (UCO) also set up special “help hours” for seniors over the weekend to assist them with college applications and essay writing.

The weekend was packed with activities for all students, such as Open Mic Night, bike rides, kite flying, litter pick-up walks, yoga, sports, mural painting and a “step into your own artwork” activity. Students’ culinary prowess was also put to the test with a mystery box challenge in the King’s version of MasterChef.

Seniors in particular were excited to enjoy a special dinner as a class. The event, organized by seniors Fanar AlDerzi, Leyan Alarifi, Zaid Mustafa, Zuhair Khouri, Yasmeen Smadi, Ruofei Shang, Nadia Salfiti, Kareem Madanat, Ahmad Younis and Saad Khalayleh, provided a welcome opportunity to celebrate — in person — their last year at school together. One particularly moving moment was when the class gave thanks for their meal. At King’s, mealtimes are a community affair and always preceded by recitation of “dua’a al ta’am,” but due to the pandemic it was the first time in months that students were able to sit down to a meal together.

Seniors Sham Kassasieh, Jana Alhusseini, Lana Abduljawad, Leyan Alarifi, Nadeen Alemam, Nadia Salfiti, Nour Yaish and Zeena Habashneh also decided to organize the Eco-Friendly Fair to raise funds to purchase furniture for the Student Union, which previously housed the “senior lounge” but currently lacks any furniture which prevents it from being used as a gathering space. Hosting the fair in the courtyard in front of AlNilam House, students set up tables for a bake sale, a pasta station, a healthy smoothie station, hair-braiding, manicures, henna, and other handmade crafts and natural beauty products. They also set up a “community expectation wall” that students could write on with suggestions on how to furnish and use the Student Union space respectfully, such as keeping it clean and trash free. The Eco-Friendly Fair succeeded in raising an impressive 1,457 JD to purchase furniture, which the fair committee will oversee.

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