Astronomy Club hosts string theory lecture

The King’s Academy Astronomy Club hosted a lecture last week in collaboration with the Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS) on recent developments in string theory.

Presented by Dr. Mohammed Fellah, an Algerian-Canadian physicist with a Ph.D. in mathematical physics from the University of Waterloo, the lecture covered the concept of gravity with respect to the general theory of relativity, fundamental forces in nature, the space-time curvature, and quantum field theory. Fellah also spoke about the history of quantum gravity, the big bang theory, and the mathematical roots of string theory and its development.

The engaging lecture was well attended by King’s students and faculty and participants from the JAS, and prompted a lively question and answer session. At the end, Dr. Ammar Al Sakaji from the Jordanian Astronomical Society presented a real meteor rock to the King’s Astronomy Club.

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  • String Theory