AP French and physics students get creative

AP French students presented their coursework on the ideals of beauty in French art in the Gallery on Tuesday as part of their curriculum on aesthetics and beauty. Students were required to select a Francophone artist, study and write an essay about their life and works, and create their own artwork inspired by the artist along with a written description. Students displayed an impressive array of unique paintings, short films, art exhibits, fables, plays and poems during the presentation, and provided explanations about the challenging process of studying the subject matter, often in old French, before creating their own art based on famous Francophone artists from bygone eras. 

"What was most impressive was watching students explore creative passions in French," says faculty member Aileen Eisenberg. "They showed a new side of themselves, all while honing their French writing skills."

AP Physics Class

Also presenting their coursework this week were physics students who held a “toy exhibition” in the science wing to display toys and gadgets that they had designed based on their study of the center of mass in class. The students presented their toys alongside demonstrations and explanations of the physics behind them and the calculations that made it possible for the toys to balance and move in particular ways. According to physics teacher and Dean of Academic Affairs Mazen Jarrar, the exercise of creating toys proves that the learning experience, even of subjects like center of mass, can be fun!

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