Alumni answer seniors’ college questions

King’s Academy alumni were invited to a senior class meeting this week for a Question and Answer session about college and life after graduation. At the virtual meeting, alumni from around the world joined the Class of 2021 to answer their questions and share their personal experiences about transitioning from King’s to university.

Alumni, including members of the King’s Academy Alumni Association (KAAA), answered questions such as how to adapt socially and academically at university, how to get over rejections from universities, when and if to take a gap year, choosing the right major or courses, how to transition to an environment where you are a minority, and how to respond when asked about your culture, religion and politics. The alumni invited seniors to reach out with questions at any time, and to also use the KAAA platform to stay connected.

The Office of Admissions also spoke to the Class of 2021 during the meeting to invite seniors to write messages of encouragement and advice to prospective freshmen. As, during normal times, seniors would guide prospective freshmen during visits to campus, the initiative offers a way for seniors to provide their support and guidance despite not being able to meet them in person. 

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