School News



King’s Academy hosted a webinar on April 9 titled “A Future with Innovation” with guest speaker Dr. Omar Hatamleh, the head of technology integration at NASA. Around 110 students, faculty and parents attended the webinar, which shone light on how the exponential increase in the use of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has social and economic impacts on people, organizations and jobs.


This week, students of neuroscience presented their research on drugs of addiction through a virtual educational forum. Each student created a website about their assigned drug, after which they presented on the history of the drug, how and where the drug binds in the brain, which neurotransmitters are affected, and how the drug is addictive.

Board of Trustees

The King’s Academy Board of Trustees extended its gratitude and appreciation to King’s faculty and staff, in a letter sent out this week, for their “extraordinary effort, commitment and dedication” over the past year during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in particular for their efforts during the safe-campus Green Zone established by the school.