Contact Information

Grade 12 Class Dean

Maram Haddad

Grade 11 Class Dean

Ryuji Yamaguchi

Grade 10 Class Dean        

Rola Jaber

Grade 9 Class Dean

Hamzah Abbadi

Grade 7 and 8 Class Dean

Laila Demashqieh

Dean of Residential Life

Laila Shawwa

Dean of Students

Alex Funnell

Dean of the Middle School

Zina Nasser

Arabic Year

Moamer Khalayleh

School Officer in Charge

+962 77 541 1145

Fall 2021 Update

King's Academy looks forward to welcoming students back to in-person learning in the fall, for both boarding and day students. National vaccination efforts are underway, and educational institutions are among prioritized sectors. Here at King’s, 97% of our entire employee base is already either fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated with a single dose, recovered from previous infection, or registered to be vaccinated. With these protections, we anticipate next year proceeding without deviations from our scheduled learning calendar
Still, since conditions can change around the world, our fall semester will include precautions in support of both student safety and continuity of learning, detailed below.

These protocols, combined with our national priority of bringing students back to school, enable confidence that our learning will be in person throughout the year next year. Over the course of the summer, we will continue to track the prevalence of the virus in the country, and whether any plans may be revised from what is listed above.