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Today's Dining Hall Menu


Assorted cereals with plain milk
Assorted bread
Mufarraket potato with eggs
Grilled tomatoes and mushrooms
Honey, butter and jam
Salad bar (labaneh, cucumber and tomato, pickles, green leaves, green olives and haloumi cheese)
Zeit ou zatar and duqqa
Gluten-free station (toast, cereal and soy milk)
Chocolate milk
Seasonal fruit


Mixed salad
Beef pistachio
White rice
White beans stew
Seasonal fruit


Salad bar
Grill Night
Arabic grilled chicken and vegetables
Baked potato bar
Toppings (sweet corn, red beans, chili meat, mix cheese, sour cream, jalapeno, green onion, Florentine broccoli, sliced black olives, diced sundried tomato )
Chocolate milk
Seasonal fruit