The King’s Academy Merit Scholarships award merit-based scholarships to selected outstanding Grade 7 and Grade 9 applicants from Jordan.

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Endowment and Special Projects

An endowment is a permanent fund that earns annual interest income. The earned income is used for the purpose specified by the donor. Since the principal of the fund is never used, the endowment remains in perpetuity. Endowments are used to secure the future and growth of nonprofit schools and institutions like King’s Academy. Endowments are a source of prestige and the catalyst that moves us forward by providing long-term support for our growth.

Unrestricted Endowment

The King’s Academy endowment has significant room to grow. With annual payout at around 4 percent of US $10 million, endowment income currently supports about 2 percent of the school’s operating budget. In comparison, some of our peer boarding schools in the United States and the United Kingdom are able to rely on endowment income to provide over 50 percent of their operating budget. King’s Academy has 29 endowed funds for various designated purposes. Of these, 23 are for student scholarship and three are for faculty positions and programmatic support. Building our endowment, both through designated funds and unrestricted capital, is a crucial next step for the school’s continued achievement and growth.

Endowed Funds

By establishing an endowed fund, a donor is creating a permanent legacy at King’s Academy, which will generate funding that influences current and future generations. Whether it is a merit- or need-based scholarship fund to support promising students, a prestigious faculty position that attracts world-class educators or a program that reflects the benefactor’s passion, an endowment is timeless because the dollars are not "spent" like cash-reserve funds. Nor is the original endowment fund value ever depleted. Instead, the investment income earned from an endowment advances the strategic vision of the donor.

A gift of US $100,000 will establish a named endowment fund at King's Academy. To learn more about the types of endowment funds and how to establish one, please contact the Advancement Office.    

In-Kind Gifts

King’s Academy accepts some in-kind donations — contributions of goods or services, in lieu of monetary donations — if the donation is deemed appropriate and useful within the context of an educational environment. If you are interested in giving an in-kind gift to King’s Academy, please contact the Advancement Office.