The Olive Branch Education Fund for Gaza

King’s Academy has established The Olive Branch Education Fund for Gaza, with the aim of educating and supporting children who have tragically lost one or both of their parents in the 2023 war on Gaza. The fund is designed to offer such children a stable and nurturing environment by enrolling them as full boarding students at King’s Academy, a boarding school founded by HM King Abdullah II in Madaba, Jordan in 2007.

The devastating consequences of the Gaza war have left countless children in Gaza orphaned and traumatized, without access to basic necessities such as water, food, shelter and education. Many of these children have been left with no family or support system, making it difficult for them to escape the cycle of poverty and despair.

King’s Academy’s mission is to “develop and empower young leaders from diverse backgrounds who will cherish one another and drive change towards a shared future of peace and opportunity.” The Olive Branch Fund represents a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of children who have endured unimaginable hardship. Through this fund, King’s Academy moves one step closer to achieving its mission by making a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable children and providing them with hope, education, and the chance to build a better future.