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Message from the Head of School

Dear parents, alumni and friends,

Exactly a year ago, give or take a few days, I visited King’s Academy for the first time. I arrived as a candidate for the headship, and after several days on campus and a multitude of meetings and interviews, I returned to the United States with a head full of ideas and a heart full of gratitude. Ideas about what is next for King’s and gratitude for the opportunity to serve as King’s fourth head of school.

It was during the first day of that visit that an uncomplicated reply to a simple question put all that I thought I knew about King’s Academy into perspective. King’s ambitious founding, its compelling mission to “drive change towards a shared future of peace,” and its relentless pursuit of support for financial aid came sharply into focus. I asked a soon-to-be colleague why he chose to work at King’s. His reply was unequivocal: “Because I wholeheartedly believe that this institution is absolutely essential to the future of our county.”

With that top of mind and a tenure as head of school that officially began at the end of March, it gives me immense pleasure to share with you this year’s edition of The Lion’s Pride. There is nothing more rewarding nor more humbling than to say “thank you” to you, our donors, who make everything we do at King’s Academy possible. Your support has allowed us to enrich our educational programs, upgrade our facilities, support our faculty, and provide financial aid for promising young men and women who otherwise would not be able to attend King’s Academy.

Last spring, we celebrated our 15-year anniversary, and we also celebrated a royal wedding, both events inextricably linked to the future of Jordan. In 15 short years this institution has matured and prospered, and our first classes of graduates have already gone on to make their mark in the world. While at King’s, those future leaders formed lifelong relationships and collaborated on projects that will undeniably have an impact on the future of Jordan. Their appreciation for their country and for the education they received at King’s Academy is categorical.

Independent schools are beautiful places. Blessed with stunning facilities, ideally located in a natural setting removed from the noise and distractions of congested urban centers, a distinguished faculty, bright and ambitious students, and academic and extracurricular programs that educate the whole child, independent schools are a blessing. King’s is one of those places. What truly separates this school, however, from all independent schools in the region, and most abroad, is our abiding commitment to enrolling a diverse population that lives and studies together, developing the global perspective and empathy critical to the future of our world and our planet.

This work cannot be accomplished without the support of our loyal donors. During the next several months I will be working closely with our Chairman Ali Kolaghassi and our Board of Trustees setting our strategic goals for the near future. You can expect to hear from us, and I hope that you will reach out if you would like to discuss any aspect of King’s Academy. We are a young school, and we will always have much work to do. Knowing that there are people who support us gives me great confidence in the future of our remarkable school that is so important to the future of this captivating country. Thank you for joining us on the King’s Academy journey.

With deep gratitude and good wishes,

Penny Townsend
Head of School