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Building a Strong Annual Fund One Gift at a Time

King’s Academy is founded on His Majesty King Abdullah II’s mission to “develop and empower young leaders who will drive change within and beyond their communities, and eventually across borders.”

Delivering this mission depends on the strong and enduring fiscal foundation created by our donors through their annual support for King’s Academy. Unrestricted gifts enable us to cover the areas of greatest need and opportunity, supporting all aspects of our educational mission. Like every leading independent school, King’s counts on these gifts.

The Annual Fund serves as the lifeblood of our institution, providing the necessary resources to enhance academic programs, faculty development, and student life. It allows the school to adapt to changing needs, invest in cutting-edge technology, and maintain state-of-the-art facilities.

We see the impact of the Annual Fund throughout the school – in the growth students experience when they learn how to work as a team; in discussions between students, faculty, and parents about the context of the current crisis in our region and the importance of being open to perspectives different from their own; or in a senior personally affected by sectarian violence encouraging his classmates not to be afraid. Engaging in active listening, continuous learning, healthy debating, and asking questions are essential skills and habits that we seek to impart to our students.

By contributing to the Annual Fund, you make this possible. You become a vital part of the King's Academy community. Your support not only provides tangible benefits to current students but also helps shape the future of the school. It ensures that the institution remains a beacon of excellence in education and continues to graduate young leaders who are academically accomplished, globally aware, and committed to positive change.

Supporting the Annual Fund at King's Academy is an investment in the future. It is a commitment to the enduring legacy of a school that empowers young minds, instills a passion for lifelong learning, and prepares students to make a meaningful impact on the world. Your support helps build a strong foundation upon which the dreams and aspirations of future generations can thrive, ensuring that the King's Academy legacy endures for years to come.