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An Interview with Ali and Rasha Farouki

You have long and deep ties with King’s Academy. What made you believe that King’s would be the best place for Layla and Fawaz?
Layla was the first of our children to join King’s Academy in the 8th grade. We had discussed as a family the merits of the Advanced Placement (AP) educational system and the academic culture that is unique to King’s Academy. After Layla’s experience during 8th grade, we were convinced that Fawaz would benefit from the care and support that is demonstrated by the faculty and administration at King’s Academy. It’s very evident that there is a cultural buy-in by all members of the King’s Academy community.

What would you like to say about your experience as parents?
We very much enjoyed our experience as King’s Academy parents. We were grateful for the way that the Middle School team created a support system to encourage Layla to fulfill her potential, and we also appreciated the open lines of communication between us as parents and the school. We’re hopeful that this same level of care for the students permeates the Upper School as well.

In a part of the world that is surrounded by so much conflict and humanitarian issues, why is it also important to support a place like King’s?
We believe that investing in King’s is investing in the region’s future leaders. King’s mission of having scholars from all backgrounds learning together and exchanging intellectual views is incredibly valuable, nurturing young people that may shape our communities in the future.

What are your thoughts on the current role of King’s in the region? What part do you see it playing in the future?
We believe that King’s is one of the leading academic institutions in the region. Having King’s perform at an academic level comparable to prep schools in the US, and at the same time be steeped in the culture and tradition of our region is a brilliant combination. Hopefully with time King’s reputation will spread and attract scholars from all over the region and beyond.

Why is King’s a philanthropy priority for your family?
They say that charity starts at home and we are firm believers in this ethos. Our children have the privilege to be a part of the King’s community and a part of the responsibility that comes with that is giving back. Education in general is an important philanthropic priority for our family and we believe strongly in His Majesty’s vision for King’s and are happy to support it.

How do you compare King’s now and seven years ago?
King’s has made incredible strides during the past seven years. While there was always a vision of what the school could be, we see all the fruits of the King’s teams’ efforts paying off now with the caliber of graduates, the growing reputation of the school, and the community pride.

What advice would you give us to keep you as a supporter and inspire others like you to join our mission?
Keep telling King’s success stories. There have been so many wonderful scholars who have had life-changing experiences at school, and we believe their stories should be amplified. We also believe that the school should maintain its excellent academic record and strive to excel even more.

What do you expect from the recipient of the Ali and Rasha Farouki Scholarship Fund?
We hope that our scholarship recipient will take advantage of all that King’s Academy has to offer. We hope that they will excel academically and have their education open doors for them that they would not have thought possible. Above all, we hope that whatever road the scholar takes, they end up giving back to the community in the future.