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Peter Nilsson

Dear alumni, parents and friends,

As we start this school year and return to class, I am glad to take a moment with you to look back over the past year.

When I joined the school in the summer of 2019, it was clear to see the deep connection at King’s Academy between students, faculty and staff, and it was clear, too, how deeply invested parents, alumni and the broader King’s Academy community are, as well.  This community has built tight bonds around its five guiding principles: respect, love of learning, responsibility, an integrated life and global citizenship. I have found in this past year how much these principles are embedded in our daily lives. I have seen in this past year the way the community strives for and cherishes these principles and each other. I have learned how fortunate we all are to be connected to this extraordinary institution.

Further, through visits across the region, to North America, Asia and Europe, I have had the pleasure of meeting dozens of the inspiring individuals that make up the larger King’s Academy family: alumni who are spearheading change in their communities, parents who have entrusted us with the wellbeing of their children, former faculty who continue to embody the principles of learning at King’s, and generous donors who believe in the mission of King’s and the essential role of education in fostering opportunity and peace.

In the past eight months, this institution, as many others, has been challenged: the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the engines of many institutions, companies, organizations and governments, and it has left many individuals feeling uncertain and unmoored. However, as our mission and guiding principles reflect, we are a school built on the understanding that change is inevitable and we must join hands with our communities — local, regional and global — to not only rise up to challenges but also to find within them opportunities for growth.

Over the past few months, our community has excelled in this regard. We transitioned to online instruction and learning, maintaining our standards of academic excellence and support despite distance. We held a symposium on COVID-19, featuring our faculty on a global stage and attracting renowned guest speakers from across the world. Teams worked tirelessly this summer to launch the school year, anticipating a range of possible scenarios, and we have started the year with first priority of keeping our community safe, which is the foundation for learning.

With the new school year now underway, I ask that you take time to join me in reflecting on the past year through the 2019-2020 issue of The Lion’s Pride. In this report, which we will continue to produce annually, we recognize our donors, who are generous partners in serving the mission of King’s Academy. Many of our students would not have been able to continue their education without the support of this community, and for their belief in our mission and in the promise of our students, we are very grateful.

I hope that this year brings you and your loved ones health, safety and further possibilities for growth.

Best wishes,

Peter Nilsson
Head of School