Mission and Vision

Welcoming talented students from all backgrounds, religions and social classes, King’s Academy aims to foster empathy, tolerance and harmony. Through the active participation of students and teachers in a self-governing community, it prepares students for future roles as leaders in government, business and civic life.

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Unlike many other schools in Jordan and the Middle East, King’s Academy is a not-for-profit school driven by its mission. The founding vision of His Majesty for King’s as a school of peace and transformation is at the heart of our own belief in young people as our greatest resource — and hope — for the future. 

With 49 percent of students receiving need-based financial assistance, King’s Academy’s commitment to educational opportunity is both pioneering and unprecedented. Few schools in the Middle East — indeed few schools in the world — share this commitment.

Almost half of King's Academy's students come from low-income families and many are on full scholarships. This financial undertaking accounts for almost a third of the school's annual budget, which is a bold commitment for such a young school and it is unprecedented in the region.

King’s Academy is incorporated as a not-for-profit institution in the United States, the United Kingdom and Jordan, and it is governed by an independent board of trustees who act as stewards of the school’s mission and resources.