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Candidates with Families


Our 575-dunum (144-acre) campus is a family-friendly place with spacious green and pedestrian areas, where children can enjoy playing, walking, running or cycling. Equipped with a stadium, athletic center (with swimming pool, squash courts, a multipurpose court and work-out gym), an impressive library and a 700-seat auditorium, the campus serves both students and the community as a whole.

Safety and Security

Jordan is one of the safest, most historically rich countries in the region. Expatriate faculty live here comfortably with their children and they often report on how safe they feel traveling throughout the country. As the Academy continues to grow, so has its Security and Public Safety office (SPS),  developing and expanding into a specialized department that handles security and safety for all community members, students, visitors and King's Academy property.
Read this article for more about safety in Jordan.


Jordan offers a variety of nation-wide travel opportunities.  King’s regularly organizes a number of cultural tours at historical sites including the Crusader castles, the Roman ruins of Jerash and Pella, Petra, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum in addition to numerous churches and mosques. The school obtains competitive rates from hotels in different locations across Jordan, thus assisting faculty families in planning vacations around the country. Many cities across the region are accessible by road, while others require a flying time of two to three hours. For longer vacation periods, our teachers have traveled to Africa, Europe, India and the Far East. With these available options, families are able to plan vacations of different types and based upon their budgetary abilities.


Most expatriate faculty are housed on campus, with many living in apartments located in the dormitories. Our apartments are meant to accommodate the needs of families--most are two-bedroom units while some are three-bedroom units. All apartments are fully furnished, air-conditioned and have satellite television and wireless internet. Wireless internet is also available in all our academic and residential buildings. All utilities are covered by the school and affordable housekeeping services are also available. The Hess Family Dining Hall at King’s Academy is the heart of the school. It is a place where students and faculty come together daily to strengthen friendships, exchange ideas and build the community spirit that distinguishes King’s Academy. One benefit teachers and their families enjoy is the provision of three meals a day during the academic year; however, for those who prefer to cook their own meals, the faculty apartments have fully-equipped kitchens.


For families with children under preschool age, King’s Academy operates an on-campus daycare facility at very competitive rates. For preschool, most of our faculty have been happy with the experience of their children at the Amman preschool The Little Academy where the annual fees are around $4,000. Other recommended preschools in Jordan include Book ‘n’ Brush Nursery & PreschoolIman’s Early Learning CenterEcoKids and The Modern Montessori School.Most of our expatriate population with children under high school age choose to send their children to the American Community School (ACS), the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS), the International Community School (ICS), the International School of Choueifat (ISC) or the International Academy-Amman (IAA). Annual school fees per child vary from around $7,500 to $15,000, depending on the school and grade. For further information about schools in Jordan, visit Guide2Jordan. For families with middle or high school aged children who meet the school's admissions requirements, King’s offers various plans for tuition aid. Once you’ve browsed through school websites, King’s Academy can put you in touch with members of its staff and faculty whose own children attend the schools you are interested in, in order to get first-hand information from those members of the community.

Leisure Activities for Children

For families with children, Amman many opportunities to sign up children for afternoon activities in dance, music, sports and martial arts – both in group setting or on a private basis. King’s Academy can make such information available to interested families. For younger children, there are many play centers such as Jungle Bungle, Funtastic and Fun Factory, to name just a few, where parents can drop of their children for a couple of hours of educational and fun activities while they run errands or attend to other matters.

Health and Travel Insurance and Annual Travel Back Home

Teachers and their families (spouse and up to four children) have full medical coverage inside Jordan and do not have to contribute to the premium. The school also has an international travel insurance scheme that covers faculty members and their families worldwide. Expat teachers are also provided with an annual round-trip ticket to their home countries.


King’s Academy provides transportation to local elementary and middle schools for older children who reside with their families on campus. The school also provides inexpensive car rentals for interested expatriate residential faculty. Such leases are sometimes shared by pairs of teachers, which further cuts down on cost. Furthermore, the school operates a daily shuttle bus service to Amman and Madaba. We also provide transport service for faculty and their families at competitive prices for personal use, when available and reserved in advance.


Amman has various malls that carry US and European brand names in clothes and shoes – albeit at a higher price than back in their countries of origin. Large supermarkets also abound, carrying a wide variety of American and European products, including certain food products for those with food allergies or intolerances.