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Benefits Offered to Expatriate Faculty Members

Salaries and Allowances

Salaries are competitive and commensurate with education and experience. There is a relocation allowance of US $3,000 per teacher or $5,000 per teaching couple. King’s also pays a dorm parenting stipend of US $3,000 annually to teachers who take up that role. Since expatriate faculty reside on campus and enjoy access to the dining facility, most teachers find themselves able to travel and save 30 to 70 percent of their salaries depending on lifestyle and shopping habits. For information about cost of living in comparison to current location, you can visit on of the below websites:




The school also provides teachers with an annual round-trip ticket home. Salaries are determined based on a salary ladder. Criteria include teaching years of experience, years at King’s Academy, performance in terms of academics, residential and student life, professional growth as well as attitude and professionalism.

Professional Development

King’s Academy offers generous support for professional development and a rich professional development calendar is integrated into the academic year. Furthermore, many faculty members receive support for summer professional development, tailored to their needs and the strategic priorities of the school. Guest speakers invited to professional development days are renowned figures in the fields of education, such as Michael Thompson and Jim Lang. Each summer, our faculty travel the globe attending various workshops such as ones on instructional design, classroom management and AP teaching.

Housing and Meals

Most expatriate faculty are housed on campus, with many living in apartments located in the dormitories. All apartments are fully furnished, air-conditioned and have wireless internet and satellite television. All utilities are covered by the school. Affordable housekeeping services are also available. The Hess Family Dining Hall at King’s Academy is the heart of the school. It is a place where students and faculty come together daily to strengthen friendships, exchange ideas and build the community spirit that distinguishes the Academy. One benefit teachers enjoy is the provision of three meals per day during the academic year; however, for those who prefer to cook their own meals, the faculty apartments have fully-equipped kitchens.

Technological Support

All of our buildings on campus have wireless internet and each faculty member will receive a laptop for work purposes, thus making it easy to stay connected. We have free dialing from the landlines of all of our apartments to the US and Canada. Furthermore, upon arrival, all faculty members are provided with a mobile line and handset free of charge. They can call within the King’s Academy network for free, and only pay for calls outside the network at competitive prices.


The school also provides inexpensive car rentals for interested expatriate residential faculty. Such leases are sometimes shared by pairs of teachers and the average cost per vehicle is US $500 per month. Shuttle bus service to and from Amman is available as well as transportation to local elementary and middle schools for resident faculty’s children. Personal transport can be arranged at competitive prices when booked in advance within our motor pool schedule.

Tuition Aid

For faculty and staff with younger children (below pre-school age), the school operates an on-campus daycare facility at affordable rates. For those with middle or high school aged children who meet the school's admissions requirements, King’s offers various plans for tuition aid.

Social Security, Medical and Travel Insurance

All teachers working with King’s Academy are enrolled in Jordan’s Social Security Corporation. This acts as a saving fund for expatriate faculty members, who can collect their cash after a minimum of 12 calendar months of serving in Jordan (employees contribute 6.5 percent of gross income and King’s Academy contributes 12.5 percent of gross income on a monthly basis). The reimbursed amount represents about 10 percent of gross income earned during the service period. Teachers and their families are also afforded medical coverage—and travel insurance for work-related trips.

A certain amount of US citizens’ annual income is exempted from US taxes. For more information, US citizens can visit the Internal Revenue Service website. King’s Academy US-based lawyer Mr. James Warren is available to handle this matter for US citizens working at King’s Academy subject to a fee.