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Please use the space provided to write the letter of intent discussing the following questions: 1. Why do you want to be a SEP teacher? 2. How would you be an asset to SEP? 3. What do you think will be challenging about being a SEP teacher and working with campers whose native language is not English? How will you overcome this challenge?​

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If you are currently a university student, please write the contact information for three different references: a teacher, an advisor/mentor/employer/coach, and a volunteer coordinator. If you are a graduate of a university, please write the contact information for: a supervisor, a second supervisor/advisor/mentor, and a volunteer coordinator. Once your complete application has been received, we will send them a link to fill out an online recommendation. The link will be sent by Ms. Salwa Manaja from SEP@kingsacademy.edu.jo

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• In accordance with the culture and customs of the region, teachers involved in SEP will abstain from alcohol use during their entire trip. This ensures that every member of our staff is available to assist with the students both during required activities and when we need extra hands.

• To this end, personal trips off campus during the two-week duration will be limited. If you wish to travel to Amman or Madaba while you are in Jordan, please make arrangements to do so prior to orientation and after the end of the camp trip. Failure to comply with these expectations will result in dismissal from the program. Also, please remember that our counselors are members of the King’s Academy community and if found in the presence of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, they will be held accountable to the school’s Disciplinary Committee. If I fail to meet these expectations and am asked to leave, I will cover all expenses involved for the reminder of my stay in Jordan; including changing travel plans, accommodations, meals and other associated costs.