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Student Life

King’s students in the AY program live on the King's Academy campus, situated just 30 minutes away from the Jordanian capital of Amman, and nestled among olive groves and farmland on the road leading to the historic town of Madaba. Students in the AY program are fully integrated boarding students at King's Academy. They sleep in single rooms in dormitories with King's Academy students and resident faculty, who are available 24 hours a day.

While the language of instruction at King's Academy is English, the social language among students is Arabic. Approximately 70 percent of King's students speak Arabic as their mother tongue and use the language in non-academic situations (in sports, in the dormitories and clubs and activities).

AY students frequently go to Amman, Madaba and other parts of Jordan during school-organized weekend trips, where they employ their burgeoning language skills while interacting with residents. AY students can also opt to participate in weekend homestays with King's Academy families where they practice Arabic in domestic situations.

By living in Jordan when special occasions and religious holidays, such as Eid, come around, students can experience firsthand how Jordanians observe and celebrate. Whether joining the school community in the Dining Hall every evening for iftar (the meal to break one’s fast during Ramadan – a month dedicated to fasting, reflection, charity and community), or being invited to iftar at a family’s home or a restaurant, students will get a unique insight into local culture and traditions.

Classes at King's begin at 08:30 and meet until 15:55. In the afternoons, AY students participate in the co-curricular afternoon program, joining King's students on the playing fields, in the gymnasiums, in the art studios and in the theaters.

One afternoon a week, AY students may participate in a co-curricular program to experience hands-on learning. Students have the option to create their own mosaics, photograph nearby markets, learn Arabic calligraphy and visit locations that complement AY’s study of Arabic, local culture and regional history.

Weekends and spring holidays offer opportunities for travel. Students tour Jordan, from the Roman ruins of Um Qais overlooking the Sea of Galilee in the far north to the desert canyons of Wadi Rum, once home to Lawrence of Arabia, in the south. In the lands between, they enjoy nature reserves, the Dead Sea, flowing wadis, desert sands, Crusader castles and the corals and fishes of the Red Sea. During spring break, students have also travelled to Egypt, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.