Post-Graduate Gap Year

The Complete Guide to the Gap Year

Read about Josh Claxton's experience as a gap year student at King's.

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Post-Graduate Gap Year

King’s Academy welcomes post-graduate students through our Arabic Year program every year.  PG students are members of the senior class and have access to all the programs and resources of our student body. The post-graduate program through Arabic Year allows PG students a year to mature, grow and sharpen their skills before entering college. Learning Arabic and being immersed in a different culture broadens their language and cultural horizons.

King’s Academy has served our PG students well. A good example is Josh Claxton,  who spent a gap year at King's after graduating from the Lawrenceville School. Josh went on to study at Middlebury College after his PG year at King’s.

My classes and travels were informative, but it was those informal interactions with people of different backgrounds that made the experience transformative.

Joshua Claxton AY'14

Learn the Arabic language or deepen your mastery of it. Soak in the culture of the Middle East. "Learn by doing" through off-campus educational excursions in Jordan and the region. Learn more about Arabic Year here.