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Students typically take six to seven classes per day suited to their course of study and their particular stage of academic development. Each day is divided into seven periods and the school year is divided into three terms, with some year-long courses and some term-long courses.

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The curriculum of Arabic Year at King's Academy (AY) is designed to fulfill AY's mission to provide an intensive one-year program in Arabic language, an immersion into Middle Eastern culture and values and the integration of classroom learning with beyond-the-classroom experiences. 

In practice, AY students are required to enroll in two sections of Arabic language as well as courses in English, mathematics and history. In addition, they may elect to take science classes and a wide variety of elective courses. Classes meet for 45 minutes five days a week.

Highlights of the AY curriculum include:

  • Multiple levels of Arabic as a Second Language according to ability, in addition to courses dedicated to understanding and analyzing Arabic literature.
  • History courses that take advantage of Jordan's archeological resources and enhance Arabic language study with research into the history of both the ancient and the modern Middle East.
  • Standard science courses and science electives that harness the natural resources of the region, such as the spring term marine biology course that complements classroom study with travel to the Red Sea.
  • Elective courses that enhance student appreciation for the region, such as term-long courses in Islamic studies and Jordanian mosaics.

AY students may enroll in any of the courses offered by King's Academy, including AP courses, for which their previous study and talents qualify them.