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Beyond King's keeps the King's Academy community abreast of developments and noteworthy achievements at the school. It also serves as a forum for alumni to stay connected with King's and with each other.

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I need my official documents (stamped transcript or diploma) because I’m transferring to another college/going to graduate school. Whom should I contact? Is there a fee?

  1. If you need your official documents (a stamped copy of your transcript and diploma) sent electronically, your request should be sent to the University Counseling Office, which will send them directly to the college, free of charge. 
  2. If you need them printed out and couriered (DHL) to the university, you can order them online. The cost of the courier service is US $20. 

Help! I can’t find my diploma. Can you issue another?

Yes, you can order a new diploma online. The cost is US $50 (35 JD).

I haven’t received my yearbook. When will it arrive?

Current yearbooks are available in the Office of External Affairs while older versions are available on a limited basis. Please send us an email with your specific requests.

I’ve lost my yearbook. Can I get a replacement?

We occasionally have copies of older yearbooks in stock. Contact us to find out if copies of your class yearbook are available.

Why can’t I access my King’s Academy email address anymore?

Once you graduate, your King’s Academy email address is replaced with an alumni email address. But before you graduate, you should receive an email notification with your username and password. If you have not received this new information, contact IT Helpdesk.

I can’t access KANet. Can someone send me the username and password?

Sure, just send us an email to be provided with your login information.

I stopped receiving Beyond King’s. Can I get on the mailing list again?

Make sure you’ve provided us with your most current mailing address and we’ll send you your copy of Beyond King’s.

Can’t I find Beyond King’s on the school’s public website?

Yes you can find all back issues of the magazine online.

What are class notes? Should I submit mine?

Class notes are short updates that you provide about yourself (personal, professional) for publication in Beyond King’s. You can easily submit them online. We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!

I need to update my contact/employment/personal information. Who can help me?

You can fill out the Update My Info form with your new information.

How can I find other alumni in a specific area/field?

We can help put you in touch with King’s alumni. Just let us know which area/field you are inquiring about.

How can I get in touch with a previous faculty member at King’s?

Send us an email with the name of the faculty member you would like to contact and we will try our best to get you in touch.

Are we invited to Commencement? How can I get an invitation card?

All King’s Academy alumni are welcome to attend Commencement each year, but invitation cards must be picked up from the school in advance.

I want to visit King’s during my break. Whom should I contact?

We’d love to see you! Just send an email before you visit and note that it is advisable to visit King’s during lunch time, so that classes are not disrupted. Also remember that alumni are not allowed in the dorms.

Can I stay on campus when I visit?

King’s alumni can stay on campus by invitation only. Faculty members may host you at their apartments too.

I’m looking for a summer internship. Who can help me?

Lots of internships are posted on our alumni Facebook page so make sure to check that out. If you’re interested in a specific company, please email us.

Are there summer work opportunities at King’s?

Yes, there are! Send us an email for more information and to apply.

I’m graduating soon, and I need help in finding a job. Can I apply to my alma mater?

Of course! Send us an email and let us know what you’re thinking.

I’d like to make a gift to King’s. How do I do that?

King’s Academy accepts gifts through wire transfer, check, credit card or cash. Click here to find instructions on how to complete a wire transfer, fill out a check or make a contribution through credit card. Cash is accepted in person at the Development Office on campus only.

How much should I give?

Every gift counts, no matter the size! Many small gifts make a big difference when combined, strengthening academic programs, supporting new projects and enriching the educational experience. Each donor determines what he or she can afford, whether it is US $1, $100 or many millions of dollars.