Beyond King's

As our school matures, so do our alumni. This year we have more alumni
than ever doing exciting things, as you will see from the many articles in
this issue. Three alumni-related articles that particularly stand out are King’s
101, a tongue-in-cheek alumni-produced video series about King’s Guiding
Principles, featuring Ahmed Khalayleh ’15 and Aviselle Diaz ’15 (page 4);
With Camera in Hand, written by Suhayb Jawhari ’11 about his relationship
and work with Rob Bahou ’11 (page 36); and Alumni for Justice in Palestine,
in which Dario Pomar ’19 interviews various alumni about their university
activism (page 12). Other special alumni stories include the growing
phenomenon of alumni appreciation of their alma mater through generous
giving. Make sure you read the articles about Abdallah Abu Sheikh ’12 (page
30) and Ali Shajrawi ’11 (page 11). Read more