Spring 2018

As the whirlwind 10th anniversary year draws to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished in just one short decade. It’s an even better time to look to the future, and to imagine all that is yet to come. King’s second decade promises to be even more exciting than the first, as the school continues to reinvent itself and reach new heights. Read more

Women in tech

Abdel-Hadi completed a Master’s degree from Imperial College Business School in 2015 before joining Ernst & Young’s (EY) graduate program in London. There, she worked on a range of client engagement projects such as data visualization and machine learning. Currently, she is a senior consultant in the Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Robotics Department, focusing mainly on financial services clients.

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Summer Enrichment Program: Bridging the Gap 

From the earliest days of its inception, King’s Academy aimed to be a school accessible to the most promising students from every corner of Jordan, regardless of their economic situation. To achieve the diverse socio-economic environment that was His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision, King’s Academy had to ensure that every qualifying student had an equal opportunity to not only enroll at the school but also to flourish.

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Revolutionizing Exam Taking

When Dean of the Middle School Reem Abu Rahmeh and other faculty members were working to establish a Middle School curriculum, they agreed that one of their main goals was to achieve deep learning and instill a lifelong love of learning in their students, but they realized that an exam and grade-driven environment would hinder that goal. So they decided to develop a different method to monitor and evaluate student learning.

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The Middle School Girls Who Love to Read and Write

There are three girls in the King’s Academy Middle School who consider reading and writing their favorite hobbies. Sarah Saleh ’23 who has devoured more books than any other King’s Middle Schooler, Joud Mbaideen ’22 who has already published her own book, and Lara AbuAli ’23, the first King’s student to receive a Gold Key award for her poetry chapbook.

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