Spring 2016

Welcome to the fourth annual issue of Beyond King's. We've come a long way since the first issue was published in 2013. At that point, we were purely an alumni magazine, whereas now we're more a school magazine, with a big focus on one of our most important constituencies: alumni. Read more


As a Columbia College first-year eying a career in medicine, Mounir Ennenbach ’16 SEAS found himself outraged by a leaky showerhead in his residence hall. After it dripped for several days to general indifference, just submitting a maintenance request wasn’t enough; he measured how long it took to fill a plastic water bottle and calculated that the single plumbing fixture was wasting more water every day, 35 gallons, than the per capita daily consumption of the nation of Jordan, where he’d grown up.

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Friendship Pays

On a chilly March night, Ali Shajrawi ’11 and Hamza Zaidan ’10 sit in the lobby of a hotel just steps from Manhattan’s historic Grand Central Station. Both have come straight from the office and both are sharply dressed, having outgrown the King’s tendency to wear their ties loosely. They sit in leather wingback chairs in front of a crackling fire, the sounds from the street and the neighboring bar’s happy hour crowd drifting in.

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Teaching is in My DNA

Teaching is in my DNA. It’s not something I do. It’s something I breathe and live and it is literally a part of my genetic makeup. This may sound dramatic; however, if I were to trace the roots of my journey as a teacher to almost a hundred years before I was born, it may have something to do with who I am today.

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Why a Middle School?

Headmaster John Austin explains how the newly established Middle School represents a deepening of the school’s mission

Katie’s article nicely identifies a number of concerns regarding the Middle School, and I would like to summarize and address a few of them.

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