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Vera Azar

As the whirlwind 10th anniversary year draws to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished in just one short decade. It’s an even better time to look to the future, and to imagine all that is yet to come. King’s second decade promises to be even more exciting than the first, as the school continues to reinvent itself and reach new heights.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Headmaster John Austin has already begun the process of restructuring the curriculum in a way that will lead to more student autonomy, independence and engagement. As he writes in this issue’s feature article, “Artists of Learning” (pp. 48 – 51), “the happiest learners are inevitably also the most engaged, adventurous and creative learners, and these learners tend to be self-directed and independent, driven by curiosity and wonder.” Read the article and stay tuned next year to see how we begin to implement these exciting changes.

Once again, this issue is chock-full of pieces that show the depth and variety of school, student and alumni initiatives, so much so that we’re probably going to have to start producing the magazine biannually next year, if future issues threaten to get any fatter!

While I’ve enjoyed working on all these articles, I do want to point out a few that really epitomize the different way we do things at King’s. Take a look at “Getting Arab Voices into American High school Curriculums,” (pp. 5 – 7), “Henry Keenan ’14 Brings Entrepreneurship to King’s” (pp. 8 – 11), “Revolutionizing Exam Taking,” (pp. 52 – 55) and “King’s Recruitment Video Wins Case Gold” (pp. 3 – 4). And if you have feedback on any of our articles, we’d love to hear it (and we’ll publish what you say).

Happy reading!

Vera Azar