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Vera Azar

Last May, when the fourth issue of Beyond King’s came out, it was so well received that I immediately began worrying about how we would ever manage to top it this year. Surely all the good stories had already been told — this was a school, after all, and not that much happens at schools.

As the 2016-2017 year went by, and we began to brainstorm for our fifth issue, I soon came to realize that at a school like King’s, the river never runs dry. When you have students who continue to astonish with their intelligence and creativity, when you have teachers who give of themselves every moment of the day, and when you have alumni who are already being acclaimed for their achievements despite their tender age, you don’t run out of good stories to tell.    

In 2006, a year before King’s opened, I came on board to put together the school’s first website and viewbook to market the school — well before any student had set foot on campus (now that was a challenge, if ever there was one). But the contrast between then and now (see photo spread on p. 66) goes far beyond obvious visible changes such as the mushrooming of the student body and the transformation of saplings and seedlings into lush foliage. As the articles within these pages attest, what was just a kernel of an idea just over a decade ago is now a living, thriving, learning and teaching community with countless stories to tell.

Happy 10th anniversary, King’s. Here’s to the next 10, and to many, many more.   

Vera Azar