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Alumni reflect on how King’s continues to shape who they are

Mohannad AlJawamis ’11: Just before I turned sixteen, I was overcome with excitement when I received my acceptance letter to King’s Academy, a place that pushed me beyond my limits and granted me countless skills that I still use to this very day. Two years later, I was equally ecstatic to learn that I was moving to New York to earn my Bachelor’s degree at Skidmore College. All of a sudden, I was a senior at college with two majors, four study abroad programs, and endless possibilities and interests going forward. After graduation however, I was intimidated by my indecisiveness and lack of clarity for the next part of the journey. I moved back to Jordan with a sense of excitement and nervousness; excitement about starting afresh and contributing to my home country, and nervousness about making more risky career changes.

In summer 2016 I revisited King’s Academy as a volunteer teacher for the Summer Enrichment Program. I immersed myself again in King’s unparalleled environment of boundless learning while ignoring the fact that I had no idea what I would do at the end of the program. As my summer days at King’s came to an end, and I began checking my email more often knowing that another career change was almost due, an unforeseeable opportunity came my way., the leading job site in the Middle East, approached me with an opportunity in marketing and communications. In my current role with, I get to maintain my love of learning, helping others, and even writing about career changes and matters.

Hamza Naghawi ’12: I am a fifth year medical student at the University of Jordan and an active member of the International Federation of Medical Student Associations. As a proud King’s Academy graduate, ‘love of learning’ remains one of the major values that guides me through university and encourages me to remain engaged with ongoing medical advancements. I feel that King’s successfully equipped me with the skills I need not only to excel as a medical student, but also to contribute to the improvement of many aspects of the University of Jordan’s Faculty of Medicine. This reminds me of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s letter to King’s students and alumni, where he states that King’s mission is to “empower young leaders who will drive change within and beyond their communities.”

Yazan Fanous ’11: I spent four years at King’s, five years studying mechanical engineering, and two years getting my Master’s in energy studies. The journey was filled with new experiences every day. One of the most fundamental guiding principles of King’s is to have an integrated life. I took this concept to heart throughout my journey. Establishing the first Students for Sustainable Energy for All (SSEA) chapter in the Middle East has been a very enriching experience. Our achievements and the records we broke were unparalleled in the history of the American University of Beirut. Humans often fall into the trap of basking in the glory of their achievements, forgetting that the world is still moving forward rapidly. To avoid this trap, in September 2015 I made it my goal to become the youngest individual to earn the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification in the university’s history.

I have always believed that King’s students and alumni would change the world. Being a true member of the King’s family requires responsibility and commitment. Wherever we are, whatever we do, students and alumni will always represent this family. It is up to us to shape our careers and futures and reflect the true mission of King’s Academy. His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision is for King’s to create the leaders that our world direly needs. Therefore, to all my brothers and sisters of King’s, I say: now is the time to make His Majesty’s vision a reality; let us unite to make the world a better