Why King's Academy?

Why King's AcademyWe realize that the concept behind King’s Academy may be new to many of our prospective families. Our emphasis on academic excellence combined with the boarding experience, leadership and internationalism is a first in the region. Some things to keep in mind as you learn more about our school: 

  1. Students - Our students come from many different countries and backgrounds but share a common goal—to be inspired by a dedicated faculty and challenged by a highly motivated and talented peer group. 
  2. Curriculum - Our dynamic curriculum has been built to best foster students' development in a holistic fashion: intellectually, personally, physically, socially, ethically and spiritually. It encourages leadership, public speaking, creativity, analytical thinking and problem-solving—all life skills necessary to prepare our students for the future.
  3. Boarding experience - The sense of community at a boarding school is truly unique. Maturity, confidence, lifelong friendships and an understanding of others who may be different from themselves are all the outgrowth of the boarding school experience. 
  4. Leadership - From their first day on campus, King’s Academy students are encouraged to demonstrate their leadership potential. Almost every activity at King’s, whether in the classroom, athletic field or Dining Hall, prepares students to become leaders both at the school and in the community. 
  5. Best of both worlds - Although King’s is modeled along the lines of American boarding prep schools, it is decidedly Jordanian. The school blends an American style of education with the traditions and values of the Middle East. The result is that students graduate with a solid understanding and acceptance of many different cultures and traditions, while maintaining a unique sense of their belonging to the Arab world. 
  6. Faculty - Our faculty hail from the four corners of the world, bringing with them an expertise in their subject matter, a passion for teaching, an intuitive sense of how children learn, and the desire and will to keep learning themselves. Our teachers are also coaches, mentors and dormitory supervisors, in many cases living in apartments that form an extension of the student dormitories, whereby they are available “24/7” to assist students with issues ranging from homework assignments to personal problems. 
  7. Class size - Our average class size is 13 students and our teacher to student ratio is 1:6. This translates into a lot of one-on-one time for students with their teachers and that personal attention doesn’t stop once students leave the classroom: our faculty members are available throughout the day to answers questions or provide additional assistance.
  8. Campus - Our state-of-the-art campus offers students the best facilities in a serene and inspiring environment—the perfect combination to make learning a joyous and stimulating experience. 
  9. Technology - We believe that technology and education go hand-in-hand. Our campus is wired so that students can access the internet from wherever they are, whether their dorm room or the Student Union.
  10. Financial aid - Our financial aid program guarantees that we have the most qualified, talented group of students regardless of socioeconomic background. 
Last updated
October 6, 2016