Voices of King’s

Diversity is not just what we strive for at King’s Academy through our guiding principles of Respect, An Integrated Life, and Global Citizenship — diversity is at the heart of who we are. Our community of alumni and current and former students, faculty and staff stretches around the world and across differences in background, identity and belief. On this page, you can find a small sampling of the depth of thought, difference and tolerance that characterizes the members of the King’s Academy community.

Student Voices


Alumni Voices


Parent Voices

“Boarding allows a natural continuation of learning and support as teachers are involved in student life until the end of the day. They are always willing to answer student questions, address a concern or lend a helping hand.”
Shada Kayyali, parent of Aisheh '21, Sufian '23 and Ahmad Al-rabi '26
Mirna El Kour, parent of Nadine '23, Zaid '24 and Saif Fanous '26
Lance Lawrence, parent of Makayla Lawrence '22
“My son’s self-confidence is stronger. Teachers give so much care and attention to the kids to help them grow and become more independent and responsible — learners in every sense of the word.”
Hania Khutat, parent of Hamza Janbek ’25
“[During the pandemic], you were the only school in the country that successfully had in-person classes. This was an enormous achievement. Hanna has loved her experience at King's Academy. You have made her an even more amazing and confident young woman.”
David M. Kobs, parent of Hanna Kobs '22
“My children are more serious, responsible and organized. There is a new edge to their work ethic, and their voice is expressed and heard. The constant encouragement of teachers pushes them to excel and flourish.”
Lena Kurdi, parent of Nadine '22 and Omar Kurdi '23
Veronica Torrens, parent of Mar Pizarro '26

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