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Frequently Asked Questions

Will applying for financial aid affect my child's chance for admissions?

Decisions regarding admission to the school and eligibility for financial aid are made independently by the Admissions Committee and the Financial Aid Committee respectively. The Admissions Committee considers merit in making its decisions.

I am not sure if our family will qualify for financial aid. Is it worth applying?

If you are unsure whether you will qualify, please contact the Financial Aid Office for advice. If you are uncertain about qualifying but also recognize that the tuition will be a significant financial hardship, you should apply. As a general rule, families who receive financial aid would not be able to send their son or daughter to King’s Academy without the assistance of financial aid. Families should view a King’s Academy education as an investment in their child; this often means sacrifice on the part of the family. Please also bear in mind that applying for financial aid does not guarantee that an award will be made; funds are limited and are distributed based on financial need. 

Do families need to complete a separate financial aid application for each child?

Families may use one account for multiple siblings. However, each child should submit a separate application form.

If my child is currently enrolled at King's Academy and does not receive financial aid, can we apply for aid in subsequent years?

You may apply for subsequent years, however, in order to be considered for aid, you must demonstrate that your family’s financial situation has changed and submit the Financial Aid Application Form by the beginning of December.

How is financial status and ability to pay evaluated if the student's parents are separated or divorced?

King’s Academy expects both parents to contribute to educational costs. In almost every case, both parents and/or guardians are required to submit full documentation, as they are both considered responsible for the child's education. The requirement for documentation from one parent may be waived at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office. If the child does not reside with the parent(s), the burden of proof of need falls on the child's legal guardian(s). King’s Academy may request to visit the home of an applicant’s family to further understand their financial circumstances.

How is financial status and ability to pay evaluated if the student’s parents are unemployed?

The financial aid process takes into account that the parent cannot currently contribute to tuition and monitors the employment status of both parents through the yearly renewal process. If a parent’s unemployment status appears to be voluntary, that parent is assigned an imputed wage. This imputed wage is set at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office using all available information, including employment history and the current average salary rates in various professions.

Does the school offer tuition payment plans or loan programs?

King’s Academy offers a tuition payment plan in which tuition can be paid in three installments over the course of the academic year. Alternatively, families can contact the Bursar Office for a more suitable payment plan. King’s Academy does not offer a loan program.

What does tuition include?

  • Meals
  • Accommodation for boarding students
  • Bus transportation for day students
  • Access to all athletic facilities
  • Textbooks, lab equipment and materials
  • Student activities
  • Health center fee
  • Required school trips within Jordan
  • Health insurance for boarders 
  • One school uniform (blazer, tie, sweater)

Will having my child in a summer camp affect our family’s chances to be awarded?

King's Academy believes that tuition for the regular academic year should be a family's primary educational spending priority. Therefore, families who seek financial aid support for tuition should not be spending financial resources on supplemental academic activities, such as educational trips, camps, or summer programs. If a family can afford these types of expenditures, the Financial Aid Committee will assume it can afford the full King's Academy tuition.

Is financial aid available for international students?

International students go through the same process and are evaluated by the same standards as Jordanian students. There is no advantage or disadvantage given to international students in the awarding of aid funds.

What should I do if my family's financial situation changes after I submit my financial aid application?

Any changes after submitting the financial aid application should be directed to the Financial Aid Office via email or phone on +962 6 430 0230 ext. 1051.