Why Boarding School?

The boarding school experience is an ideal way for students to optimize both academic learning and social development. Under the close supervision and guidance of our faculty and staff, students are encouraged to challenge themselves intellectually while developing their social skills, athletic and extra-curricular interests, personal maturity and ethics.

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Contact Admissions

Tel: +962 6 430 0230 ext. 1112
Fax: +962 6 430 0259
Email: admissions@kingsacademy.edu.jo

Note: Working hours at the Office of Admissions are 08:00 to 16:00 Sunday through Thursday.

Financial Aid

King's Academy is committed to attracting a talented, socio-economically diverse student body. The school offers need-based grants to families who cannot afford tuition. Partial grants are made each year to families who demonstrate financial need. Applicants should note that, while generous, the school's financial aid budget cannot support all admitted students who apply for funding. Please read the FAQ for more information regarding financial aid.

Financial aid offered supports tuition only. Tuition includes instruction, meals, accommodation for boarding students, full access to the Athletic Center facilities, laboratory equipment and materials, Health Center and student activities fee, textbooks, required educational school trips within Jordan, bus fees for day students, one school uniform (blazer, tie, vest). The only expenses not included are optional school trips, trips outside of Jordan and summer programs.

Financial Aid Committee

The Financial Aid Committee is charged with reviewing the case summaries and initial recommendations, and submitting recommended financial aid awards to the headmaster for approval.

Principles of Decision-Making and Communication


King's Academy respects the confidentiality of financial aid applicants as well as their families. We require confidentiality on the part of students and families as well. 

Consistency and Objectivity 

King's Academy aims to be consistent in the application of assessment criteria across all applications. The program objectively considers the merit of each application without consideration of race, gender, ethnicity or other classification in determining financial need. 

Fairness and Equity

King's Academy is committed to fairness in that each family will be treated with respect and each application will be assessed seriously. All interested applicants are welcome to apply for aid. There are no conditions placed on the applicant with regard to eligibility to apply.