Learning Center

The Learning Center (LC) is an open venue for all students who are facing challenges in learning, study skills and work habits. The role of the Learning Center encompasses school-wide programing on learning issues, as well as organizing support for students who are experiencing learning challenges or academic difficulties. The Learning Center is also the umbrella which caters for students who are diagnosed with Special Educational Needs.

The LC’s overarching mission is to empower students (individually and in small groups) with skills based on their abilities and learning styles. All LC services are guided by the underlying principle of equipping students with the learning skills they need to succeed and fostering their independent learning.

To foster a more positive learning environment and to empower students with improved learning strategies, the Learning Center works on the following:

  1. Providing weekly one-on-one Learning Center blocks to enhance study skills, time management, note-taking, reading and test-taking skills.
  2. Working closely with teachers and parents of students who may be facing academic challenges to ensure that there is a team approach and a comprehensive plan for students’ growth and improvement.
  3. Addressing teachers’ concerns about particular students through classroom observations, recommendations and referral for psycho-educational testing as needed.
  4. Ensuring that students with diagnosed learning needs get their needed accommodations to facilitate their learning and to enable them to realize their potential.
  5. Working closely with the school counselors on addressing academic and social/emotional concerns in a comprehensive manner.

The services provided to each student vary according to the individual’s needs. Levels of service provided by the King’s Academy Learning Center are determined through assessment by the head of the Learning Center, the dean of academic affairs and the dean of students, in consultation with parents.