How many elective courses can I take?

In the freshman and sophomore years, you can choose one elective per semester. In the junior and senior years, you can choose as many electives as will fit your schedule, depending on what courses you wish to take, what you plan to study at university and what requirements you have left to complete. 

How many periods will I be taking each day?

Freshmen and sophomores take six to seven periods each day, while juniors and seniors take five to seven periods each day.

How many classes of Arabic will I be taking each week?

Arabic language is required throughout your years of study at the Academy. Each week, you will be taking five classes. 

How many classes of English will I be taking each week?

English language is required throughout your years of study at the Academy. Each week, you will be taking five classes. Students who would benefit from additional instruction in English can take four extra classes of English Language and Composition (L&C) per week.

How many courses can I take each semester?

You can take up to seven courses each semester.

Do you require Islamic Theology?

Islamic theology is not a graduation requirement at King's. However, if you are either a Jordanian Muslim or a Muslim seeking Tawjihi equivalency, Islamic theology is required for at least two years.

Can I take four years of a world language?

Although a world language is not a graduation requirement, you can choose to study one of our three languages that are offered for four years.

Can I take two world languages?

In grades 11 and 12, you can choose to study two world languages, but not simultaneously.

Do you offer drama or music classes?

Yes. Students can choose between music, theater or dance. Students entering in the ninth grade must take these or our studio art courses for at least two semesters over the course of their time at King’s, but they can also choose to take them each year.

Do you offer private music lessons?

Yes. King's Academy offers private music lessons on certain instruments.

How often will we have exams?

King’s Academy holds official exams once a year, at the end of the second semester.

What are the Tawjihi equivalency requirements?