University Financial Aid and Scholarships

With the steady rise in the cost of higher education, financing education becomes an increasingly difficult task. Individual institutions and, to an extent, certain governments have responded to this situation by increasing their financial aid budgets. Universities are aware of the drain on middle-income families whose incomes would have put them beyond the range of financial aid some years ago. While a growing number of colleges provide financial aid to international students, few have the resources to meet full financial need. Therefore, the ability to pay is a factor in the admissions process for international students at most institutions abroad. 

In considering universities, students should not immediately rule out any school based on expense, for a more expensive university with a financial aid award might well cost the same as a less expensive one without a financial aid award. 

Merit scholarships are becoming increasingly available as colleges compete for gifted students, but candidates must be well qualified: high board scores, a high grade point average and strong recommendations. Many schools also continue to award athletic grants-in-aid for exceptional talent. 

King’s Academy is strongly committed to assisting its students in obtaining the best financial aid available. In addition to this, we encourage student initiative in securing scholarships. Below is a list of websites that students may search in their attempt to acquire additional, private undergraduate funding. While many of the websites possess scholarships oriented towards American students, an in-depth search will reveal numerous scholarships available to international students. Many of the websites listed below contain extensive searchable databases. Most are free, and in general the same information can be found through free sources and those that charge a fee. 


Local Opportunities

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Please contact the University Counseling Office if you become aware of new sources of aid through your research.

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June 25, 2018