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Students typically take six to seven classes per semester suited to their course of study and their particular stage of academic development. Each day is divided into four blocks and the school year is divided into two semesters, with mainly year-long courses and a few semester-long courses.

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The university counseling curriculum begins when a student enrolls in the Upper School at King’s Academy. In their freshman and sophomore years, students are allocated courses that fit their abilities yet challenge them accordingly to ensure they have a strong academic start and engage in a rigorous curriculum. Until today, academic success is still the most important factor in university admissions around the world. With numerous co-curricular activities and supervised clubs available to choose from, students are encouraged to get involved and become engaged members of the King’s community. This can include serving those in need, bringing awareness to social causes, or participating in athletics or the fine arts. Through such involvement, students live up to the school’s mission to “develop and empower young leaders who will drive change within and beyond their communities, and eventually across borders.”

The university counselors at King’s Academy help freshmen and sophomores understand assessment results and offer test preparation recommendations based on each student’s needs and interests. Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to engage with college and university admissions officers as they visit King’s Academy each year, to start exploring college options and understanding admission requirements. Students are also encouraged to build their profiles through volunteer work, career-related internships and summer programs.

While all students have access to our university counseling team throughout their upper school experience, students are allocated a university counselor in January of their sophomore year. Every year in the spring term, the UCO supports all students in their course selection for the following year, keeping in mind their goals and abilities as well as King’s Academy graduation and the Jordanian National Secondary Certificate (Tawjihi) equivalency requirements, as needed. Students are also provided with information on internships, summer programs, research projects or online courses that can help them build their profile for when they reach their senior year.

University counselors hold regular face-to-face discussions with juniors and their parents. Juniors are also provided with a Course of Action booklet, which gives them a detailed timeline to follow to best prepare for the university application process in their senior year. After attending the annual UCO boot camp, which is held in May, our efforts focus on these rising seniors, providing them with guidance on putting their application essays and college lists together, follow up with them to ensure they prepare for and take the necessary admissions tests, and assemble their supporting documents which include their transcripts and teacher and counselor recommendations to support their applications. Seniors have our Sourcebook to help them successfully get through the application process.

Throughout the year, students have access to more than 200 higher education institutions that visit the King’s Academy campus from around the world. Representatives of these institutions come either individually or in small or large groups.

University Counseling Curriculum