University Counseling

University CounselingKing’s Academy graduates will be equipped with all of the critical tools to lead them into their next academic experience. They will have the intellect, confidence, social awareness and curiosity necessary to excel in their post secondary studies. We expect that King’s graduates will aspire to attend prestigious institutions of higher learning in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and all over the world. 

The King’s Academy University Counseling Office (UCO) exists to ensure that each King’s graduate has the opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning worthy of his or her choice. Our office is fully informed about the application processes of colleges and universities throughout the world and has close working relationships with many top institutions.

In addition to supporting students in their individualized college searches, university counseling includes advice on applying for scholarships and financial aid at colleges or universities, as well as preparation for college entrance exams such as the SATs, ACT and TOEFL. The UCO also works with parents to help navigate the application and financial aid process. 

That being said, the success and foundation of college planning will ultimately be the responsibility of each student. Thorough research and self-reflection before, during and after the application process will most certainly result in a ‘good match' college or university. 

Thinking about a student’s post-King’s plans begins in the freshman year with guidance and information booklets for students and parents regarding admission requirements and the application process in general. The official university counseling process at King’s begins in the junior year when we hold information sessions, small group meetings and workshops to help both students and parents begin to prepare for and understand the application process.

These meetings and workshops continue throughout the junior year, when students begin to meet with a university counselor on a one-on-one basis. Juniors will work with their counselor to make a list of prospective institutions by the end of the third term, and counselors will continue to meet with students during their senior year once the college application process gets into full swing. Lists of colleges will be narrowed down and applications will be compiled during the first semester of their senior year. Students must take an active role in this process for it to be effective, but we will be there to help every step of the way.

University counseling at King’s continues after applications are submitted, when students need advice on the replies received and on the final decision on their university matriculations. For those students who plan to attend university abroad, guidance will also be offered on the visa application process which begins after a student has formally accepted an offer of admission.

Last updated
February 7, 2016