Our educational approach at the Middle School draws on the College Board’s pedagogical framework QUEST. That framework emphasizes the skills of questioning, thinking critically and creatively, reading, writing and communication. In addition, it seeks to ignite young people’s natural curiosity, wonder and excitement for learning as they make connections between various issues and their own lives.

Q- Question and Explore

Questioning begins with an initial exploration of complex topics or issues. Perspectives and questions emerge that spark one’s interest, leading to an investigation that challenges and expands the boundaries of one’s current knowledge.

U- Understand and Analyze Arguments

Understanding various perspectives requires contextualizing arguments and evaluating the authors’ claims and lines of reasoning.

E- Evaluate Multiple Perspectives

Evaluating an issue involves considering and evaluating multiple perspectives both individually and in comparison to one another.

S- Synthesize Ideas

Synthesizing others’ ideas with one’s own may lead to new understandings and is the foundation of a well-reasoned argument that conveys one’s perspective.

T- Team, Transform and Transmit

Teaming allows one to combine personal strengths and talents with those of others to reach a common goal. Transformation and growth occur upon thoughtful reflection. Transmitting requires the adaptation of one’s message based on audience and context.

QUEST framework reprinted from the College Board website.

Last updated
November 19, 2017