Middle School FAQ

Why has King’s Academy added a middle school (7th and 8th grades) to the school?

The addition of a middle school (7th and 8th grades) allows us to create a longer educational runway for all students at the school, and it also allows us to design a more coherent and powerful curriculum. Research suggests that the 7-12 model confers considerable advantages upon students and improves educational outcomes, and many of the best schools in the United States follow this model. A middle school division also supports our Upper School, providing leadership opportunities for student mentoring, tutoring and coaching of younger students.

When did the Middle School open?

In August 2016, for the 2016-2017 academic year.

How does this Middle School differ from other middle schools in Jordan?

We have built the middle years' experience around the distinctive strengths of our existing Upper School program, particularly our commitment to cultivating curiosity through active and interactive forms of learning, personalized instruction and advising, and the development of strong habits of study and character.

How big is the Middle School?

For the 2016-2017 academic year, we have approximately 30 students in each grade, 65 in total. Each grade is divided into two sections, so class size in each grade is about 15 students. The Middle School is expected to grow towards full enrollment of 120 students over the next three years. 

What curriculum is offered to Middle School students?

King’s has long offered an American high school curriculum grounded in the Advanced Placement (AP) program, which is recognized by colleges and universities throughout the world. Our Middle School program is both foundational and innovative, and it will draw on the best thinking and research on education for this age group, including the College Board’s newly established QUEST framework for teaching and learning. That framework, which guides and shapes the curricular and pedagogical approach of our Upper School, emphasizes the skills of questioning, thinking critically and creatively, reading, writing and communication (in a variety of mediums), and it seeks to ignite young people’s natural curiosity, wonder, creativity and excitement for learning. In how we teach and engage students, we will combat the boredom, routinization and disaffection that so often characterizes the middle school experience.

What are the main goals of the curriculum?

The educational program provides the strongest possible foundation in math, English and Arabic with an emphasis on writing and quantitative problem solving. Specifically, it:

  • teaches students to learn about themselves (as learners) and teaches them how to learn,
  • cultivates in them a powerful sense of agency, ethical responsibility and growth-mindset,
  • prepares them for the academic challenge of high school, particularly in the core areas of reading, writing and quantitative problem solving,
  • excites in them an enduring love of learning by giving them opportunities to simulate the work of scientists, historians and designers.

Where is the Middle School housed?

Classrooms are located in the former HRH Sheikh Jabir Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Administration Center, which was refurbished to fit the needs of the Middle School. The design and beauty of this building, as well as its placement on campus (easy drop-off and pick-up points, and proximity to the Health Center, the Library and Office of the Headmaster, which remains in the Al-Sabah Center) makes it the ideal space for this age group. Students will also have access to our arts wing, dining hall, athletic facilities and auditorium.

Is there a junior boarding program?

We do not offer a junior boarding program at present, but there are plans to revisit this idea in coming years. In the meantime, however, we have designed a “pre-boarding program” of weekend overnights on campus – i.e. for autumn and winter festivals and spring adventure weekends – to encourage Middle School students to board once they reach grade 9.

What is the average class size?

To ensure that classes are small and intimate, classes have between 14 and 16 students. Each classroom is designed to encourage active and interactive forms of learning. Harkness tables are used in the humanities classrooms and pod seating is used in math and science to encourage group work and the development of collaborative skills.

What does the daily schedule of Middle School students look like?

The school day begins at 08:30 and ends at roughly 15:30. At the conclusion of each term, we also offer short minimesters that provide opportunities for experiential learning and project-based, interdisciplinary learning.

Do Middle School and Upper School students mix during the day?

There is some natural and healthy overlap of students in all grades throughout the school day, but Middle Schoolers take most of their classes in a designated, separate classroom building, the Al-Sabah Center. They have a separate lunch time and co-curricular activity period. Major school functions such as Convocation and Commencement include all students at King's Academy.

Can advanced Middle School students take classes in the Upper School?

The Middle School program meets the interests and needs of students and provides them with the challenges that are appropriate for their age and their academic and developmental levels. In exceptional cases, Middle School students will have the opportunity to take Upper School classes for which they are ready.

Who teaches at the Middle School?

The Middle School has its own dedicated faculty (while drawing on the expertise and leadership of the existing Upper School faculty), including a full-time counselor and a teacher from the Learning Center.

Is there separate Middle School leadership?

Reem Abu Rahmeh, who has served as our ninth grade dean, our associate dean of students, and the director of our orchestra, and who recently received her Master’s degree in educational leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University, directs the Middle School, reporting directly to the headmaster.

What kind of support services are offered?

The strong and comprehensive structure of student support at King's Academy is accessible to Middle School students. Each student has a designated advisor who serves as mentor and liaison between the school and parents. Middle School students also have a designated Learning Center teacher and a counselor.

Is the Middle School calendar the same as the Upper School calendar?

For the most part, yes. Although division-appropriate activities are scheduled throughout the school year, major dates such as orientation, school holidays and vacation breaks are the same.

Is transportation provided?

Yes, transportation options for Middle School students are available.

How much is tuition?

US $26,600 (18,860 JD) for the 2017-2018 academic year. Middle School tuition includes instruction, meals, full access to Athletic Center facilities, laboratory equipment and materials, Health Center and student activities fee, textbooks, required educational school trips within Jordan, bus fees, and one school uniform.

Is financial aid available?

In keeping with His Majesty’s vision for King’s as a school open to all, we are committed to educational accessibility, need-based financial aid and diversity in the Middle School. The school's current policy is that aid is provided only to families who factually demonstrate that they do not have the financial resources to afford Middle School tuition.

How do students enroll?

A comprehensive admission process, similar to our current process for Upper School candidates, is in place for Middle School candidates. The process includes testing, student interview, parent interview, recommendations and a thorough review of a candidate's academic track record. We seek to enroll not only promising young men and women but also seek to identify families who understand and support King’s distinct mission.

Is the admissions process selective?

Yes. Candidates – and their families – must be assessed as a good fit for the King's program to be admitted.

Do students have to re-apply to Grade 9?

No. Grade 8 students do not undergo special screening to be promoted to Grade 9. But, as is the case with all students at King’s, their development and academic progress is monitored in an ongoing way to ensure they are ready to be promoted to Grade 9.

How do I express interest in the Middle School or find out more information?

Families can complete our online Inquiry Form or call the Office of Admissions at +962 77 738 3031.

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November 19, 2017