About the Middle School

Middle School

In the fall of 2016, King’s Academy opened a middle school for grades 7 and 8. The addition of these grades allows King's to deepen its mission, extend the educational runway for students, and design a more powerful and integrated curriculum. Moreover, it will provide Upper School students with additional opportunities for growth, learning and leadership – as mentors, tutors, and big brothers and big sisters of younger students.

Drawing on His Majesty’s vision for King’s as a school open to all, King's has retained its commitment to educational accessibility, need-based financial aid and diversity at the Middle School. In addition, the middle years experience has been built around the distinctive strengths of the existing Upper School program – particularly the commitment to cultivating curiosity through active and interactive forms of learning, personalized instruction and advising, and the development of strong habits of study and character.

Please visit the Middle School FAQ for more information or fill out the Inquiry Form to express interest.



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November 19, 2017