Learning Center

Learning Center

The Learning Center offers academic support to all King's Academy students. It is an open venue for all students who are facing challenges in learning, study skills and work habits. Under the auspices of the dean of academic affairs, the LC is also responsible for school-wide programing on learning issues, and organizing support for students who are experiencing significant academic difficulties or have special educational needs.

The LC’s overarching mission is to empower students (individually and in small groups) with skills based on their abilities and learning styles. All LC services are guided by the underlying principle of equipping students with the learning skills they need to succeed and fostering their independent learning.

The LC offers a wide variety of support and programming for King’s Academy students. Moderate levels of individual support (one or two class periods per week) are provided at no additional cost. Intensive levels of support (three or more class periods per week) are provided at a cost.

The following services are provided by the Learning Center:

  • Individual student support sessions to:

       - enhance study skills, time management, note-taking, reading and test-taking skills
       - provide subject-specific instruction with LC specialists or cooperating faculty in mathematics,
         humanities, science, English and Arabic
       - assist students in preparing for exams through study schedules and review sessions

  • Consultation with parents whose children may be facing academic difficulties
  • Maintaining communication with parents regarding student progress and status of support 
  • Monitoring the provision of classroom and testing Special Education Need accommodations
  • Consulting with teachers on the best practices and teaching methodologies for Special Education Need students
  • Conducting classroom observations and data collection for students with Special Education Needs Facilitating referrals for additional external educational testing and coordinating with external testers
  • Coordination of testing accommodations, including the provision of extra time, readers, writers, computer use on school-based exams, Advanced Placement, SAT and ACT exams. 
  • School-wide workshops for students addressing organization skills, study skills, and test-taking skills during orientation week and throughout the school year.
  • Providing support and resources for the Freshman Seminar, a program coordinated with the Office of Student Life (OSL), to guide our youngest students academic and social transition to high school

Special Needs

King's Academy seeks to admit students who are bright, motivated, creative and inquisitive. As part of its non-discriminatory admissions policy, King's Academy will consider students who meet these qualifications, regardless of whether or not they have diagnosed special needs that require specific accommodation. The school will use its resources to help those students reach their full potential. 

While the services provided to each student will vary according to the individual’s needs, admission to King’s would be granted only where the student’s needs do not exceed the school’s ability to accommodate them, a decision that the school will make. In the case of an admitted student, a team that includes the parents and appropriate faculty members will use information about the student’s specific disability and functional limitations to develop a plan for the student's program and accommodations at the schoolStudent support also includes sessions on a regular scheduled basis for skill building and for equipping students with strategies to help them achieve success in their courses.

Levels of service provided by the King’s Academy Learning Center are determined through assessment by the head of the Learning Center, dean of academic affairs and dean of student life, in consultation with parents. Initial or continued enrollment at King’s Academy may be contingent on participation in specific levels of Learning Center support.

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February 7, 2016