World Languages

In the Department of World Languages, students pursue a rigorous and practical study of one of four major world languages — Chinese, French, German or Spanish — in addition to the study of Arabic as a Foreign Language. Keeping in mind the objectives of an AP curriculum and following the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for foreign language teaching and learning, the department has established a pedagogical structure based on three main levels of communicative competency: basic user, independent user and proficient user.
In accordance with an action-oriented approach that considers languages preeminently as tools for social interaction and communication, instruction and assessment are proficiency-based, centered on the integrated performance of the four traditional language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, these courses underscore the role of culture and the tacit aspects of non-verbal aspects of communication within a linguistic system. Advanced coursework includes the study of literary texts and literary analysis in the vernacular.
In order to provide students with as much exposure to the language as possible, classes are taught in the target language from the most basic level onwards. Finally, each year, selected students may participate in a summer study-abroad program, affording them the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the culture of their chosen language.

2024-2025 Course Descriptions